Two generations of wealth management combine a team approach to offer access to the resources of LPL Financial and Stratos Wealth Partners to help you strive to build and preserve your wealth.


As a multigenerational family team, the David Wealth Management Group pledges to remain a constant in your life.  Our team is committed to the same set of principles, along with a disciplined process and our above & beyond client service model designed to help organize your financial life, seek to preserve your wealth and move you forward toward your financial goals.


!!!Social Engineering Red Flags!!!

A wave of new social engineering and phishing attacks taking advantage of the recent market turmoil is underway. Attackers are impersonating vendors and other banking institutions to send falsified invoices and account change forms that direct funds to attacker-controlled accounts.

Please proceed with extreme caution in the upcoming days and weeks when responding to changes in payment information. Information obtained through email should always be verified for authenticity. Start by verifying the email sender's domain, and always use an out-of-band method such as a phone call or email to an existing contact to verify authenticity.

We also suggest all clients to use extreme caution when visiting links in emails that appear to come from banking or other financial institutions.

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LPL Research Outlook 2023: Finding Balance delivers market insights on what we can expect in the economy, policy, stocks, and bonds for 2023. 

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IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide or be construed as providing specific investment advice or recommendations for any individual security. The economic forecasts set forth in the presentation may not develop as predicted. This research material has been prepared by LPL Financial LLC.