Rooted in Personalized Wealth Management since 1988.

That's when Jim David, one of our founding partners established himself in Lexington as one of this community's first financial advisors. Today, we are comprised of 4 wealth advisors covering the entire midland's area with offices in Lexington and Aiken.

There are plenty of benefits to our increased scale: Streamlining and centralizing our operations lets us focus even more attention on you. Expanding our brain trust puts tremendous expertise at your disposal. Our growth gives us access to new investment opportunities and helps us lower fees on your behalf.

DWMG is committed to a disciplined process and an above & beyond client service model designed to help organize your financial life. We seek to preserve your wealth and move you forward toward your financial goals.

With David Wealth Management Group at your side, you can feel taken care of. We believe that no challenge is too complex to handle. We strive to make sure that no opportunity passes you by. We commit to giving every question a thoughtful answer.

To be empowered, supported, and respected.

This is the wealth management experience we want you to have.